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Early Response Teams (ERT)

       Cleaning Bucket Instructions

Mold Killing Products    How To Help Immediately

Rio Texas Conference has put out an urgent call for products that kill mold— specifically Shockwave and Concrobium. We are asking that all products be shipped directly to the Victoria, Texas site. These products are available on Amazon.com (Shockwave and Concrobium) and the Home Depot (Concrobium) and Lowe's (Concrobium) websites. 

Please send the mold killing products to FUMC Victoria, 407 North Bridge, Victoria, TX 77901.

Become part of the Early Response Team—

ERT teams needed in the Rio Texas Conference. While recovery work is well underway in hurricane-ravaged areas of the Rio Texas Conference, ERTs are still in high demand. With hurricanes also affecting Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, many volunteer groups have turned their attention from coastal Texas. But UMCOR is still there and intends to provide assistance for as long as it takes. If you are not yet a certified ERT, don’t despair. Visit ctcumc.org/ERTtrainings to register for the next training session or to watch for additional training coming in 2018.

While First Methodist Mansfield takes part in these classes, they are provided by the Central Texas Conference (CTC) and you will need to visit the CTC website to register and see requirements to participate. Please contact Susan Luttrell if you have any questions. 

Emotional and Spiritual Care Team Response is another way that you can serve.

The Emotional and Spiritual Care Team Response Training provides spiritual and emotional needs to individuals, communities, and congregations following disasters; responding to those needs; elaborating strategies for disaster responders' self-care, and understanding how Care Teams fit into the overall United Methodist Disaster Response structure. Basic ERT Training is not a prerequisite for this class. 

Emotional and Spiritual Care Team Response Training is provided by the Central Texas Conference. While First Methodist Mansfield takes part in these classes, you will need to contact Nikki Leaverton at nikkileaverton@ctcumc.org at our Conference office for class information and registration requirements.