Ganta, Liberia

Ganta United Methodist Mission Station - Liberia, West Africa


Our church has partnered with the Ganta Mission Station since 2009, helping their leaders to rebuild capacity and infrastructure that was lost during a 14-year civil war. The mission station consists of a school (elementary through high school), a church, a hospital, a nursing school, agricultural projects, an eye clinic, a vocational school, and a leper colony.  Rev. Priscilla Jaiah, the Liberian Missionary who directs the mission station, provided this January 2018 newsletter celebrating many of the advances that are happening there.      

First Methodist Mansfield provides scholarships to help build capacity for hospital staff. We have provided full scholarships for 2 nurses, an anesthetist, an accountant, and are currently funding the education for an x-ray technician.  This video provides a helpful insight into the life of the hospital.

Members of our church also provide scholarships to elementary and high school students each year. The cost to send a child to school for one year is $200. Fifty students received FMCM scholarships last year. You can see pictures and letters from some of the students here.

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To learn more about providing scholarships to students at Ganta Mission School, contact Teresa Sherwood.