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Middle School


6 pm • Saturday Reunite • Sanctuary 

Saturday night, 6 pm: We offer a Middle School class that runs the same time as worship. Students will go to the sanctuary and sit in the student seating section (front left of the stage). Our staff will be looking for you, but keep your eyes out for them as well so we can connect with you. After the song set (during the offering), our middle school students will go out to the Care Connections room off of the Sanctuary to go over a lesson that mirrors what is being talked about in the message.

9:30 & 11 am • Sunday Reunite 

9:30 am— Middle School Worship takes place in The Loft. High School Reunite (Sunday School) takes place in 216 in the Student Ministry Hallway. 

11 am— Middle School Reunite (Sunday School) boys meet in room 216 and girls meet in room 215. High School Reunite meets in room 214. All of these rooms can be found in the Student Ministry hallway.  

6:30 pm • United Worship • Wednesday

Wednesday, 6:30 pm: Middle School students will start in The Loft and then get dismissed to their small groups after a large group game and announcements. United Worship ends at 8 pm. High School Worship will stay in The Loft.

6:30 pm • The Landing • Thursday

Thursday, 6:30 pm: All students meet in The Loft for a free dinner from 6:30-7 pm then we have worship. After worship, the students split off into small groups by gender and grade level (middle school and high school). The Landing ends at 8:30 pm.


Throughout the year we offer several opportunities for students — including retreats, mission trips, and mid-week get-togethers — to deepen the community these students share with one another. To see a complete recap of our Middle School students programs and activities, click here. 

Important Dates:
      August 6 • Confirmation Registration Open
      August 9 • Hawaiian Falls
      August 12-13 • Promotion Weekend
      September 6 • United Worship Kicks Off
      September 10 • Middle School Worship Debut
      September 17 • Big Hope Block Party
      September 24 • Pumpkin Unloading
      September 27 • All City Worship
      October 15 • More Pumpkins!
      October 25 • Halloween Fun @ United Worship
      November 1 • Deadline to register for Confirmation (late fees apply)
      November 22 • No United Worship

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For all other questions or inquiries, please email Amanda Hardeman, Director of Student Ministries or by phone at 817.455.9640.