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High School

Sunday School 

9:30 am on Sundays high school mentors and students will head down to room 216 to begin class. Class will release from 10:15-10:30 am. At 11:00 am high school students will meet their mentors in room 215. Class will be released from 11:50-12:00. Students are welcome to stay up in the Student area until parents pick them up or they can meet you at a designated meeting space.

Saturday-Reunite - Saturday we encourage our High School students to join us as we sit together for worship at 6 pm.

Sunday - Reunite - We offer both Middle School and High School classes and worship opportunities at both the 9:30 and 11:00 hours. We would like for students to worship when their parents worship and learn when their parents learn. If you stay for worship only then as a family decide if students will worship or go to class during that hour.


There are student seating sections in the sanctuary (far front left of the stage) at 9:30 and in The Loft (middle front row) for the 11:00 Well Café service.  

Wednesday - United Worship – High School students will meet in The Loft at 6:30 for a High School Worship Service. After the service, they will be dismissed to their small groups that are divided by grade level and gender. United Worship will last until 8:15 and High School Students can be picked up outside building A.

Thursday - The Landing – All students meet in the loft at 6:30. We serve a free dinner from 6:30-7pm then we have worship. After worship, the students split off into small groups by gender and grade level (middle school and high school). The Landing ends at 8:30.


Throughout the year we offer several opportunities for students — including retreats, mission trips, and mid-week get-togethers — to deepen the community these students share with one another. To stay up-to-date with all our events, subscribe to receive our texts.


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