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2018-2019 Registration

Registration for 2018-19 is an online process.

Please see the dates below for registration:

Siblings of Currently Enrolled Students: February 5 at 10 am.
First Methodist Church Mansfield Members: February 6 at 10 am.
Open Enrollment: February 14 at 10 am.

Classes Available

12 mo-17 mo         2 days*                 TTH  (M/W is FULL)
18 mo-23 mo          2 days* MW or TTH
2 yr 2 days* MW  (T/TH is FULL)
3 yr 2 or 4 days MW or TTH or M-TH
4 yr 2 or 4 days MW or M-TH  (T/TH is FULL)
Kindergarten 4 days M-TH

* 4-day options are available in these classes, however, you must enroll in BOTH 2-day sections (i.e. MW & TTH) in order to attend 4 days. Please note, if you choose this option. you will be charged two registration fees and monthly tuition will double to $400 per month. 3's and 4's each have a dedicated 4-day class that is offered as an enrollment option.

When registration opens at the scheduled date and time listed above, click the link to fill out a short registration form. MasterCard or Visa is required to pay the registration fee online at the time of enrollment. You will receive a confirmation from the website to let you know that the registration was processed. A second confirmation will be sent from Stephanie Wagner to let you know that your child is enrolled for the 2018-19 school year and will include instructions to pick up your registration packet.

When classes are full, the online system will note "FULL"— however, please proceed with the online registration process and your child will be placed on the waitlist. You are not required to pay a fee until your child obtains a spot in a class.

Please note that if inclement weather takes place during online registration, we will make every effort to process registrations and notify families in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding registration and/or would like to schedule a tour of our facility, please email Stephanie Wagner or call the preschool office at 817.473.2785.