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A Note From Pastor David

by Pastor David Alexander
A Note From Pastor David

Dear First Family,

On Wednesday we took our first step in our 40-day journey with Jesus to the cross that we call the season of Lent. We set a new record with 853 participating in the receiving of ashes on Wednesday. It was a beautiful start to these sacred days we share together each year.

This weekend we will begin our Lenten message series, Trip of a Lifetime. Over the course of the next six weeks, we will travel together to the land where Jesus lived out his days visiting many of the destinations where the defining moments of his life, death, and resurrection occurred.

We will be sharing images and video from our last trip to the Holy Land in February of 2018. Pastor Shea, who preaches at the Well on Sunday mornings, made this same trip in 2014. We are both looking forward to serving as your Tour Guides for this great journey.

This weekend we will be taking you to the Jezreel Valley, a large and lush plain surrounded by various mountain tops in the northern part of Israel. On one of those hillsides is the ancient village of Nazareth where Jesus was raised by Mary & Joseph.

While the Gospels do not speak at great length about the early years of Jesus, what we do know is that the Jezreel Valley would have been his “backyard,” where so many of the significant moments in the history of Israel occurred.

I cannot wait for you to see this first stop on this great journey.

Today I also want to celebrate those who made a membership commitment to our church at Starting Point last Sunday. The names of those individuals are listed below. I hope you will join me in welcoming them!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend as we begin a Trip of a Lifetime.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

Welcome New Members!
Jadzia Ajemian
Sarah & John Andrews
Dottie Arnao
Joyce Cordova
Elizabeth deLaGiraudiere
Caitlyn & Mark Douglas
Barbara & Gary Groff
Shelly Macha
Yolanda & Chris Slawson
Kala & Gary Soward
Jim Sproul