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A Note From Pastor David

by Pastor David Alexander
A Note From Pastor David

Dear First Family,

We begin the second month of a brand new year together this weekend as we gather for the fourth message of our current series, Elephant in the Room. I hope you will make every effort to be in worship this weekend as we seek to bring light into our world so that we can be light for the world.

This past year we grew to become a church of over 8,000 members. For all of your pastors, part of what that means is that we are always surrounded by needs and concerns of so many. There are more than a handful of individuals I am praying for daily right now including many in treatment for various forms of cancer.

But we are not alone in that. I know your daily living includes those same concerns.

I am grateful and proud of the depth of care and compassion that you have for one another, and for the many in our church who partner with our pastors in caring for the thousands who call First Methodist Mansfield their faith home.

This past weekend we had 53 individuals participate in training to serve as one of our Care Chaplains. I have included their names at the bottom of today’s note. These individuals partner with our pastoral staff in many ways including visiting those hospitalized and by praying, supporting and encouraging those who find themselves in need. If you know one of those listed, I hope you will thank them for their willingness to serve in this important way.

If you would like to learn more about the caring ministries of our church, I want to invite you to check out the list of Care Ministries and support groups that we offer here on our website. If you have a question or might be interested in being a part of our new Care Chaplain Ministry, I want to encourage you to contact Pastor Tina, our Pastor of Congregational Care.

You can let us know of any pastoral care needs or prayer concerns via email at care@fmcm.org. Additionally, if you have a pastoral emergency, you can always call our Pastoral Emergency line at 817-739-6755.

I mention all of this today because I do hope that in the final weeks of our current series, our last two topics will serve as a powerful reminder of how much we need one another and the great blessing we can be when we support one another with the compassion and love of Christ.

I’m so proud to be one of your pastors.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

Care Chaplains

Marjorie Anderson
Mona Barbee
Tim Barbee
Debbie Black
Cindi Blackburn
Kim Borowy
Melinda Bridges
Art Brucks
Debbie Carrell
Jack Dalrymple
Sherrie Dodds
Patti Estes
Dino Fort
Teresa Franklin
Debbie Gery
Jerry Hampton
Marge Hampton
Jeannie Handley
Gail Hartin
John Hawrylak
Andrew Hellmers
Diana Hellmers
Mary Ann Huslig
Brenda Jobe
Rose Johnson
Lynda Laird
John McClelland
Chuck McNeely
Lynlee McNeely
Karen Morgan
Karin Newell
Quentin Nichols
Bev Nichols
Rene Oliver
Holly Patterson
Billy Pickerill
Teresa Pickerill
Jennie Rabjohn
Gil Ritchey
Carol Ritchey
Tina Schramme
Ron Thomason
Jimmie Thompson
Carol Thompson
Carol Trietsch
Randy Wallace
Jane Watkins
Patti Wilkenson
Chuck Willett
Nick Williams
Sharon Williams
Lynnette Williamson