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A Note From Pastor David

by Pastor David Alexander
A Note From Pastor David

Dear First Family,

This weekend I will be sharing the first message of a brand new series, Elephant in the Room. Since that title might leave you a bit confused, let me say just a bit more about our theme for the coming weeks.

The Elephant in the Room is what no one seems willing to talk about. Everyone can see it, but it’s rarely identified or addressed for a whole host of reasons. Instead, we hope that if we avoid it long enough it will just somehow disappear.

All series that we share are important. We would not invest our time and energy in them if that was not the case. At the same timeI want you to know how significant I think this series has the potential to be for you and for all of us together.

I hope you will be in worship this week as we look at why we need to talk, the dynamics that contribute to our avoidance and how the values of our faith might share the engagement we have around those topics we so often ignore.

This weekend is also the beginning of our ten-week Confirmation class! At confirmation, students are given the opportunity to grow in their faith through worship, small groups, and mission projects. All of these things work together to help them make a commitment and take ownership of their own faith journey.

If you have a 6th-grade student or older son or daughter who would like to participate, you can still register them by visiting this link. For questions or more information, please contact Student Ministry Director, Amanda Hardeman.

Today, I also want to invite you to consider serving at our upcoming Night to Shine Special Needs Prom.  In order to serve the amazing people with special needs in our community, we still need more buddies to help make this evening memorable. Each participant at Prom will have a buddy that stays with them and experiences the night alongside them. Visit our website to register to volunteer.  If you need more information, please contact Leslie Waldson.

Finally, please join me in welcoming the new members who united with our church family at our very first Starting Point of 2018!  You will find those names listed below.

Stay warm out in those frosty January temperatures! I look forward to seeing you this weekend as we begin our next series.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David


Starting Point New Members
Mary Kathryn & Bill Burns
Kathryn Burns
Lauren & David Galipp
David Huckabay
Micaela & Jake Massacci
Dan Strong