Fall is officially in full swing

August 27, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

With students and teachers returning to school this last week, our fall season is now officially in full swing. I hope you had the chance to attend one of our services this past weekend, but if you did not, I want to update you on some very important things we have coming up this fall. Read More

We Are Moving into an Exciting Fall Season

August 21, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

It was a real joy to be back at First Methodist Mansfield last weekend as we began our new message series entitled Revival. On behalf of Pastor Mike and myself, we want to especially thank you for your response to the postcards we made available to you that represented ... Read More

Thoughts on what makes the church work

August 20, 2015

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

There are just a few simple rules for running. I am still learning to trust them, but when I do, I can run better, faster and longer. (Fast for me is still slow for most, but you get the illustration.) Be consistent, and don’t give up. Don’t increase ... Read More

Updates and Upcoming Events

August 14, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

Stephanie and I returned Tuesday evening from a wonderful trip to England alongside many of the pastors and spouses from The Leading Edge which is the top 100 United Methodist churches in America. ... Read More

Thoughts on attending church

August 13, 2015

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

“I think things started going downhill when I (we) stopped going to church.” I have heard this so many times from individuals, couples and families, that when life has gone bad or in a direction that was unintended, they trace it back to ... Read More