Special Memorial Day Worship

May 22, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

With only a few weeks left in the 2014-2015 school year, we approach an annual holiday weekend we all know as Memorial Day. As spring moves into summer we often associate this upcoming weekend with family gatherings and backyard barbecues. Given the amount of rain we have received of late, the ... Read More

Thoughts on transitions

May 21, 2015

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

The last few weeks Pastor David, Pastor Johnny and I have been preaching a message series, Graduation Day, with a very simple premise that God works in special and unique ways in seasons of transition. Change often causes anxiety ... Read More

Help those affected by spring storms

May 15, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

I am writing you this note on Wednesday afternoon. There has been a steady rain most of the afternoon, and the view from my office window shows that everything is already pretty soggy with much ... Read More

Thoughts on grace and life

May 14, 2015

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

I don’t often get very theological. But the good news, the gospel it is called in the Bible, has some of those elements. So, allow me some freedom in this note. It is what I often think about as a pastor who finds himself often on the front lines in the battle for the kingdom of God.  Read More

Exciting Things Are Happening at Our Church!

May 8, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

I hope you had the chance to be in worship last weekend as we kicked off our new series,Graduation Day. In this three-week series, we are looking at the seasons of transitions we all go through in our lives. Some are great celebrations like the experience that many young men and women in our ... Read More