God will always be God

February 5, 2016

by Pastor David Alexander

February 5th, 2016Dear First Family, By now I trust that you have heard that Pastor Mike shared a very important announcement last weekend. After 21 years of faithful service to First Methodist Mansfield and the Mansfield community, Pastor Mike is going to be moving into ... Read More

Thought for the Week

February 3, 2016

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

To the First Family,Overwhelming:That’s the only word that fits the responses I have received in person, by email, by messages, by texts, on Facebook, and other ways since I announced last Sunday that on July 1st I ... Read More

Fuel series wraps up this weekend!

January 29, 2016

by Pastor David Alexander

January 29, 2016 Dear First Family, This weekend in all of our worship services Pastor Mike and I will be sharing the final message of our current series entitled, Fuel. I know I can speak for Mike as well when I tell you that we have greatly appreciated hearing how ... Read More

Thoughts on Change

January 28, 2016

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

To the First Family,Ever hear that people don’t like or want change?  That may not be true, at least not exactly. Years ago when my grandparents sold their house in Millis, Massachusetts, it was a change none of our ... Read More

A great new year continues this weekend!

January 22, 2016

by Pastor David Alexander

Dear First Family, We have continued to have a great start to this new year together. If you have passed our church campus any of the last few evenings you have probably seen a full parking lot with a variety of activities taking place. It is so exciting to see our campus alive day in ... Read More