Enote from Pastor David

October 2, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

Dear First Family,My kids were excited to see this week that the pumpkins have arrived! For those who may not know, the Pumpkin Patch is a fundraiser our Student Ministry does each fall to raise funds for their summer mission trips. It is a wonderful outreach ... Read More

Thoughts on Submitting to God's Authority

October 1, 2015

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

Growing up with a twin brother had its perks and its price. The perks were you always had someone to do stuff with, or in our case, often to get in trouble with. But my brother and I often argued and fought, a very unique sibling rivalry and competition, because when you are the same, no one ... Read More

First Week of New Small Group Series

September 25, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

Last weekend we kicked off our message series, A Deeper Life with God, and the companion small group study. I am thrilled to share that we have 115 groups and classes in our church who are participating in this study, and of those 115 groups, 80 of them are brand new ... Read More

Thoughts on Finding the Will of God

September 24, 2015

by Pastor Mike Ramsdell

I am often asked how someone can find the “will of God” for their lives. I am going to share a little formula here from Romans that helps me, and I hope it helps you. But know that the Christian life is not about a formula; it is about living a very special life defined by a relationship ... Read More

New Series and Fall Changes

September 18, 2015

by Pastor David Alexander

I cannot put into words how full my heart was last Sunday night after an incredible weekend in the life of our church. I was so pleased by how many of you took time out of your busy schedules to attend the Good and Beautiful Conference. It was a phenomenal event. I am grateful for the work of our staff ... Read More